QM2 NewThis is a new pin in the QM2 store. It is one that can be worn on a tie, since it has a longer-than-usual pin on the back. This ship is a survivor of

Queen Mary II near Statue of Liberty

Queen Mary II near Statue of Liberty

the much earlier transatlantic crossing ships that nearly died out when air travel became so available and affordable. The ship has changed a lot, however, appealing more and more to middle-class tastes. Kids put their feet up on the backs of chairs in the theaters. About half the guests dress as if they were in their own back yard about to have a barbecue. There is still an element of class in the main dining room, Britannia, but there is a rush to the plebian in every part of the ship.

I do enjoy being on the ship, and this pin was acquired on my 4th trip. I suspect that management (Cunard, the nominal operator of the ship, is owned by Carnival), in order to optimize profit, is trying to widen the appeal of the ship to people who seem to be increasingly lacking consideration of other people. A bit too much pushing and shoving for me. Still I have enjoyed the ship on the whole, and would go again if I could.

Location: 6-A1