London double-decker bus.

London double-decker bus.

This pin represents the famous red double-decker buses in London that have become a national symbol of England and British Isles. The majority of buses in London are double-deckers. Right after the WWII the first double-decker buses were the AEC Regent II and AEC Regent III models. A particularly iconic example was the Routemaster bus, which had been a staple of the public transport network in London for nearly half a century following its introduction in 1956. Because of difficulties accommodating disabled passengers, the last remaining examples in use finally retired in 2005, although Transport for London has established two “heritage routes”, which will continue using Routemasters on selected parts of two routes.

Riding London double-decker buses seems like a dream, but for Londoners, doub-decker buses in London are simply some of the ways they get around. That’s true for tourists, too, but it’s still a “This is London!” blast to watch the city go by from the top deck of a London double-decker bus.

Whether or not you’ll get to ride a doubledecker bus when taking the London buses does somewhat depend on your route, but if you’re in central London (like Piccadilly Circus, above) you’re likely to be able to grab a double-decker. Matters not where you go because you’re along for the ride.

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