Donald, Mickey, Pluto; other views by moving pin.

Donald, Mickey, Pluto; other views by moving pin.

This unusually large pin changes its picture owing to the reflected light. In one view it shows Donald Duck, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse. In the other view it shows . In another view it shows “The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror.”

Don’t you just love those Disney Characters? So do I! That’s why I have so many Disney pins.

The Disney characters are a favorite everywhere. When I lived in China 1987-89 I noticed that on Sunday evening in Shanghai all the world stopped: whoever had a TV set would run a line all the way out into the street and a crowd would gather to watch The Mickey Mouse show.

Mickey Mouse has been through many design changes through the years. In his first cartoon Plane Crazy, Mickey had no gloves or shoes and his eyes were large black ovals. He first wore gloves when he sat down to play piano in the Opry House and by 1939 in The Pointer Mickey was shown with a pupil. Over the years Mickey’s body became rounder and his face more expressive. Through all of the changes though, Mickey has maintained his heartwarming personality that we’ve all come to love!

Pluto wasn’t always Mickey’s dog. He first appeared in The Chain Gang as one of the bloodhounds sent to look for Mickey, who had escaped from prison. Then in The Picnic, his second film role, he had a new name: Rover. Guess who he belonged to – Minnie! From that point on though, he was called Pluto and was Mickey’s dog and best friend.

Goofy made his first appearance in the 1932 classic, Mickey’s Revue. He’s had some name changes over the years, being called Dippy Dawg and Dippy the Goof before becoming known simply as Goofy, one of Mickey’s hilarious pals that we have all come to know and love.

Donald Duck was first seen in The Wise Little Hen back in 1934. He was a big hit with audiences and his popularity continued to increase until he eventually starred in 128 cartoons! That’s more than any other Disney character, even Mickey!

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