Lion logo on pin from Tortola

Lion logo on pin from Tortola

I do not know the origin of the logo on this pin from Tortola. However I do know that there, the first rays light up the green slopes that fall from Mount Sage to secluded palm-fringed beaches far below. The first ferry of the day is going out as the first sail boat appears on the horizon. The shops are laying out their West Indian wares: spices, jams, rums, soaps, and hand-crafted jewelry.

Around the island, guests are being stirred awake by the first light. They’ve spent the night in private hillside villas, elegant hotels or beach resorts. Their day ahead may take them snorkeling off a deserted beach, scuba diving, horseback riding, or sailing the deep blue sea. But for now, there’s time to rest a little longer.

Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, is the hub of the chain. It offers visitors peace and quiet, plus every activity they could hope for. The range of accommodations runs from posh hotels to beach side cottages. And Tortola offers as many choices in cuisine from continental to local fare. Breakfast can be a cappuccino and croissant, lunch a West Indian roti, and dinner a four-star meal in a converted sugar mill, where the only sound will be the pounding of the surf.

Location: 09-C4


Location: 4-B2