King Arthur's Round table pin from Inverness

King Arthur’s Round table pin from Inverness

This pin from Westminster, England is a replica of King Arthur’s round table. Despite legends, Arthur was a real regional King in Britain, who successfully defended Wessex against the maurading and pillaging Vikings. The table reportedly recently to be found in Scotland. Long has the belief been held that King Arthur’s legendary round table was situated near Stirling Castle in Scotland; more specifically the earthworks known as King’s Knot.

However, since these earthworks were created in the 17th century for King Charles I as part of the royal geometrical gardens, it’s been a mystery as to why the Knot is tied to such old folklore.

Now a recent archaeological investigation undertaken by Glasgow University and the Stirling Local History Society (SLHS) has possibly uncovered the answer to this mystery: an ancient, round ditch lying beneath the Knot.

SLHS chairman, John Harrison, explained: “The finds show that the present mound was created on an older site and throws new light on a tradition that King Arthur’s Round Table was located in this vicinity.”

“Of course, we cannot say that King Arthur was there, but the feature which surrounds the core of the Knot could explain the stories and beliefs that people held.”

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