Pin representing "The United Sates of Texas"

Pin representing “The United Sates of Texas”

I moved to Texas in 1996, almost in 1997. I came to San Angelo after leaving Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology, with a view to being an RV-er. Within a short time I was back teaching physics at Angelo State university. San Angelo has trees, and might have three lakes and a river if we were not on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert. We do have trees although drought stress is really hurting them. There’s good and bad in Texas. People are soooooo ultra conservative they can’t see that a healthy society makes sure that the weakest of its members are somehow cared for. They go ballistic over abortions, but advocate that shootouts with guns is the way for safety. Well, I’ve had more opportunities in San Angelo to participate in good music than anyplace else I’ve lived. I’ve known some fantastic musicians, too, such as Daniel McCloud, Doug Overmier, Rich Spece, and many others. If Texans didn’t think that the world revolved around the state it would be a better place. But have a Texan for a friend, you have a friend for life. Have a Texan for an enemy, you have an enemy for life for sure.

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