Pin depicting a cartoonish rendition of Nessie

Pin depicting a cartoonish rendition of Nessie

This pin accurately represents my ideas about Nessie—she’s a cartoon. But the Loch is not a cartoon. Loch Ness is the largest of three lochs located in the Great Glen which divides the North of Scotland along a line from Fort William to Inverness. The loch is large by British standards, being 23 miles long and a mile in width, and averaging 600ft in depth. Its catchment is hilly and wet, and is drained by 6 major rivers which flow into the loch. It contains over 2 cubic miles of fresh water, and the River Ness outlet, although only 5 miles long, is one of the greatest in Britain for average flow.


The trench-like feature which contains Loch Ness is ruler-straight and runs SW – NE for over 60 miles across the Highlands. It follows the line of the Great Glen Fault. This fault splits the Highlands from Fort William to Inverness and then goes on Northeast to form the coastline of Ross-shire and Sutherland. Beyond this, it may extend from Caithness to Shetland. Its root has been noted on seismic surveys in connection with the oil exploration of the Moray Firth. The fault is not a simple fault and is complex for 3 reasons:-

(a) It is a transcurrent (tear) fault.

(b) Movement has produced a zone of shattered rock half to a mile wide.

(c) There is also a vertical component with uplift (and erosion) to the north of the fault.

Location: 2-B5