Pin of Scotland featuring bagpipes

Pin of Scotland featuring bagpipes

This pin of Scotland, featuring bagpipes always makes me think of the Edinburgh Tattoo which I’ve attended several times. It takes place on the esplanade of Edinburgh’s Castle, and for me provides an unforgettable evening of music, ceremony, theatre and dance. Well, it used to.

I would go in a minute if I had a chance. This year’s Tattoo was a continuing disappointment from those I remember in the 1990s (except for that horrible choir they featured which added nothing of musical interest.) This year’s was smaller, and featured fewer ensembles. They performed well, don’t get me wrong. The end of Tattoo with the massed bands and pipes is always the euphoric moment for me, and it seems to be slacking.

This may be due in part to competing Tattoos, particular in Basel, but Australia, Nova Scotia, and even Las Vegas. Only so many good bands to go around, and the military does have other obligations than performing at tattoos.

I still strongly recommend the Edinburgh Tattoo, and I love the pipes. I just wish they would form a unique musical experience and not present the same old same old.

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