Keep Scotsman Steaming pin from NRM

Keep Scotsman Steaming pin from NRM

I got this pin in York, England, while staying there for a few days. My B&B was just a decent walk from the museum (adjacent to the railroad station) and York Minster.

The National Railway Museum collection has been built up over the past 80 years. It has over 100 locomotives and nearly 200 other items of rolling stock, telling the story of the railway from the early 19th century to today.

One of the museum’s main aims is to care for the collection and make it accessible. The objects come in all shapes and sizes, and range from delicate china tea services to working steam locomotives, from watercolors to a railway bridge.

For most objects the first task is to store or display them in the right conditions, where they are free from pests or accidental damage and where the temperature and relative humidity are kept stable. Some objects have to be conserved to ensure that they can stand up to the rigors of display or use. For example, the conservators often carry out repairs, reinforce weakened areas, apply protective surface coatings, or remove hazardous materials.

Display can bring its own problems, as objects fade when exposed to light and suffer wear and tear from contact with visitors. So we have to carry out regular monitoring and repairs, and have an ongoing conservation programmer for items on display. We also digitize vulnerable items, such as glass plate negatives, so we can reduce having to handle the originals.

Working objects, like steam locomotives, need different standards of care. Sometimes they have to replace worn components to meet the strict standards for operating on the mainline network, but they always keep the originals.

When conservation is done, the work is carried on to ethical standards and wherever possible the museum tries to make any treatments reversible.

Location: 5-A6