CSU in Fort Collins CO

CSU in Fort Collins CO

I don’t know a great deal about CSU although I’ve been in Fort Collins several times. The last two times I was there I participated in a choir festival, and was housed on the campus. The buildings were great, the food fine, the only problem was the smoke from the forest fires up in the mountains, and that was a problem disturbing everyone in that part of Colorado.

Founded in 1870 as the Colorado Agricultural College, Colorado State University is now among the nation’s leading research universities.




Facts and Figures

  • Location: In northern Colorado at the western edge of the Great Plains and at the base of the Rocky Mountains
  • Population: Fort Collins is a midsize city of approximately 150,000.
  • Award-winning: Fort Collins was ranked the fourth-healthiest midsize city in America in a 2013 Gallup survey.
  • Enrollment: About 22,425 undergraduate students, 3,800 graduate students and 550 Professional Veterinary Medicine students
  • Faculty: About 1,600 faculty members

Location: 13-A5