All Access (now defunct) program pin

All Access (now defunct) program pin

I am told this program has been closed out. I joined while in Rome some years ago. I got a pocketfull of pins for joining, this being one of them. Not particularly interesting, but does give fond memories of the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome, just across the street from the U.S. Embassy.

Dear Fred,

Thank you for contacting Hard Rock Customer Care. Our All Access program ended September 30, 2012. As such, any rewards or points on those accounts needed to be redeemed prior to September 30, 2012. In order to give our members ample time to use rewards, we began sending notifications in April monthly to this effect.

Our new program, Hard Rock Rewards, has now launched and you can now get a taste of the sweet life, earn awesome rewards at participating Cafes, Rock Shops and Hotels and get the inside scoop on all things Hard Rock. At you can check out the full list of benefits, view current participating locations and more!

Check out the program FAQ at

Location: 16-A3