Lions "Ranger Type" badge from San Angelo TX

Lions “Ranger Type” badge from San Angelo TX

This badge, and another one quite similar are from the San Angelo Downtown Lions Club. They are modeled after the authentic Texas Rangers badge.

Replica of a Texas Ranger badge

Replica of a Texas Ranger badge

I drove out to the edge of the city where I was having a home built—just the foundation was being dug at that time. I had a Chev dually black, with a lot of after market and antennas all over the thing. I was wearing a tan shirt, dark pants, and had just been to a Lions meeting, so I was wearing this badge. When I drove in the lot most of the workers scattered to the winds. I suppose I was being taken for a Ranger. Well that was a complement, and far from who I really am.

By the way, the reason the Rangers are legendary is because they really were of legend material. You have to know and feel Texas history to understand that. You don’t mess with a Ranger.

Location: 23-B2