Melvin Jones Foundation Fellow pin

Melvin Jones Foundation Fellow pin

As a result of working very hard on the Downtown Lions (San Angelo TX) newsletter—literally hours and hours monthly—the president made sure I was made a Melvin Jones Fellow. I really appreciate that.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) recognizes donations of US$1,000. It is the backbone of LCIF, providing 75 percent of the foundation’s revenue. As recognition of humanitarian work, an MJF is an honor presented to those who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made by others.

Contributions can be made by individuals (including non-Lions), clubs or districts. Donations may be in one sum, or in installments of a minimum of US$100 over a five-year period. Melvin Jones Fellows receive an attractive lapel pin, a plaque and a congratulatory letter.

It is possible to make a donation and choose the MJF recipient later. Write “Melvin Jones Fellow to be named later” on the check or bank draft. When an individual’s or group’s personal donation(s) are accumulated for a club’s or district’s use to select a Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient, LCIF needs the signed consent. Please include such documentation with the completed MJF application that is sent to LCIF Donor Services.

For Melvin Jones Fellowship contributions or inquiries, contact LCIF Donor Services Department at 630-203-3836 or e-mail us. To apply for a fellowship, complete the MJF Application form.

*Note that many countries may charge customs and VAT charges for the importation of Melvin Jones Fellowship plaques. These fees are the responsibility of the individual or club locally receiving the plaque.

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