Sevastapol under USSR

Sevastapol under USSR

This pin was obtained in Sevastopol (Ukrainian and Russian: Севасто́поль), a city on the Black Sea, located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula. The city as been under dispute by Ukraine and Russia; Ukraine and the majority of the international community considering it one of Ukraine’s cities with special status, while Russia, on the other hand, considers it one of its federal cities. After the events of March, 2014 the Crimea has been seized by Russia, and Sevastopol is apparently part of the Russian Federation. The Russian military has displaced the Ukrainian military in the region, and Russia exercises de facto control over Sevastopol’s territory.

Sevastopol has a population of about 342,451 concentrated mostly near the Bay of Sevastopol and surrounding areas. The location and navigability of the city’s harbors has made Sevastopol a strategically important naval base throughout history. The city is home to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy, and its main port, the Port of Sevastopol, is the second largest port in Ukraine and one of the busiest ports in the Black Sea.

Although relatively small, Sevastopol’s unique naval and maritime features provide the basis for a rich and vibrant economy. The city enjoys mild winters and moderate warm summers; characteristics that help make it a popular seaside resort and tourist destination, mainly for visitors from former Soviet republics. The city is also an important centre for marine biology; in particular, dolphins have been studied and trained in the city since the end of World War II.

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