Gornergrat and associated trinkets

Gornergrat and associated trinkets

Gornergrat is a first class view point on a ridge offering an awesome alpine panorama. 29 mountain peaks above 4000 m [13,100 ft] can be seen from Gornergrat, among them the Monte Rosa massif with Dufourspitze, Switzerland’s highest peak.

Dufourspitze has been named after Geneva born Swiss General Guillaume Henri Dufour who has great merits for the introduction of a common Swiss flag and for ending Switzerland’s 1847 civil war within a few days after conservative rebels had started it. With his clear strategy he showed them that they had no chance to win right from the start and he insisted that his soldiers did not commit atrocities (which was quite unusual at the time). Dufour was also the first to draw modern geographical maps and finally he was a friend of Henri Dunant and co-founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Gornergrat can be reached in a 40 minutes ride with Gornergratbahn. When it was built in 1898 this cogwheel railroad was the first in Switzerland to be operated electrically. Therefore these trains have two catenary wires (plus the rails) to feed them with power. Be prepared that fares reflect the challenges of operating and maintaining a steep track leading from 1600 m to 3131 m [10,272 ft] under extreme weather conditions.

Departing from Zermatt, Europe‘s highest open-air cog railway has travelled up onto the Gornergrat since 1898. Each of the 9339 meters travelled is an experience in itself, every second of the 33 minutes of travel time an unforgettable pleasure. 29 four-thousand meter peaks–from the Matterhorn through to the Monte Rosa–form a guard of honor. What‘s more, the magnificent vistas from the viewing platform, which remains accessible throughout the year, are all included in the ticket price.

In summer you may reach Gornergrat on foot, too. There are several scenic hiking paths. You will need good shoes, but no special mountaineering equipment. The altitude difference between the village and Gornergrat is considerable, though.

Location: 04-A3