Tokyo Hard Rock Cafe

Tokyo Hard Rock Cafe

I’ve been in Tokyo just once, although I’ve been at the airport a number of times. I spent a week in Tokyo making presentations on Telecommunications as part of an international meeting of presidents of physical societies.

I couldn’t live there, for sure, but it was an adventure. Several of us went to eat. I found a small restaurant off the Ginza. We stashed our shoes and sat around a large hibachi. The waiter came and I tried Chinese (not knowing much Japanese). Turned out he was from Korea, and understood Chinese. I ordered for everyone. All these moguls thought I was fluent in Japanese. I did not remove their admiration.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Ueno is closest to where I stayed. The Hard Rock Cafe Uyeno-Eki is located within an old train station, Ueno Station, where people from the north used to arrive in Tokyo with dreams of starting a new life. West of the Cafe is Ueno Park, a great place to see the cherry blossoms bloom in spring. That attractive setting is also home to several important museums, the Tokyo Zoo, Toshogu Shrine, and a five-story pagoda. The Ameyoko Shopping Street south of the Cafe has an atmosphere that resembles street markets throughout Asia. Shoppers can find everything from fish to jewelry. The Cafe is also near Akihabara, which is known for its electronics shops. Hundreds of shops, from mega-stores to tiny parts suppliers, line the streets beneath garish neon signs.

Location: 09-D3