Our last cat, Li'l Bit

Our last cat, Li’l Bit

We started with one cat, Solo Mao, who was found abandoned under my house shortly

Li'l Bit a few years ago when she was feeling a lot better

Li’l Bit a few years ago when she was feeling a lot better

after her birth. I carried her to work in a shoe box with blankets and we fed her on a bottle. The vet told me she probably would not live, that she would be a small, short-haired cat. She developed into a Maine Coon. She died from complications of diabetes.

Then there was Boot. Boot was calico, with just a smidgen of orange. I obtained the cat when the owner could no longer keep it. Boot finally got so sick from kidney disease that she had to be put down.

And then there were Li’l Bit and Seven. Seven was totally gray (she died 2 years ago). Li’l Bit is a tuxedo cat, and this pin looks just like her. She is about 18 now, and my only surviving cat. Went from 4 to now 1. It hurts too much to lose them, and I don’t think I will have another when I lose this really loving cat.

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