Tricolor map of Germany in the flag colors.

Tricolor map of Germany in the flag colors.

On May 19, 2014 aboard the Viking Lif we entered Germany. Along the Rhine we made stops at Cologne, Koblenz, Milenburg, Rothenburg ob der Taube, Bamberg, Nuremberg. Regensburg, and Passau. This pin represents a map of Germany with the colors of the German flag superimposed. I got this pin in Passau.

Location: 19-A3

About Germany in general I have several pins:


German Coat of Arms


Germany Coat of Arms (silver and black)

Germany Coat of Arms in frame

Germany with flag colors and coat of arms

Beer Mug

Bavarian with beer

Girl in Bavarian dress

And of course pins from Cologne, Koblenz, Miltenberg, Rothenburg of ber Tauber, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg, and Passau.