Old pin for Prost

Old pin for Prost

I got this pin in Milenberg, Germany during a visit on May 21, 2014. This pin I believe refers to Alain Prost, a French Formula 1 race driver. Prost set many records during his time, of course, but several were later beaten by Michael Schumacher. These include the most number of Grand Prix victories (which Schumacher ended up beating by 40 races); successive years in which he won race, which was 10; and victories combined with fastest lap of the race, which was 21.

Alain had a meteoric rise in the lower categories of motor racing. From 1973 to 1975 he won several national and European go kart titles. In 1975 he came in first place in the Winfield Elf driving school competition, which opened the door for him to auto racing the next year.

From 1976 to 1979 he won his various championships each year: French Formula Renault in 1976; European Formula Renault in 1977; French Formula 3 in 1978; European and French Formula 3 in 1979. In 1980 he moved to McLaren in F1 and finished 15th before joining Renault and narrowly missing the title in 1983. He returned to McLaren. Prost had a famous competition, not always on the best terms, with driver Ayrton Senna and featured in the movie Senna.

The success of the movie Rush about the Lauda-Hunt rivalry suggested another, Rush 2 about the Probst-Senna rivalry. However the movie Senna already dealt with that rivalry. Rush directed by Ron Howard focused on Formula One with the epic 1976 season where the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt driving for Ferrari and McLaren respectively was evoked.

Following the release of Rush’s trailers, the comments section on the YouTube page was filled with anticipation and ideas for Rush 2 which was being put as “Senna v/s Prost, they should make a movie about that !”. I equally respect all concerned drivers and admire their courage to race wheel to wheel. Senna and Prost is a rivalry that has shaped the sport; a young determined Brazilian with his Banzai laps and the more relaxed and smooth Frenchman. Prost was more a technical man to Senna’s behavior of using his heart rather than his mind. There have been many debates concerning who was the best among those two and making one more here will be totally pointless.

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