Stuttgart, Germany pin

Stuttgart, Germany pin

I got this pin in Milenberg, Germany on a visit there May 21, 2014, although I’ve never been to Stuttgart. Stuttgart is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany, and he sixth-largest city in Germany. The city lies at the center of a densely populated area, surrounded by a ring of smaller towns.

Stuttgart is spread across a variety of hills (many of them vineyards), valleys and parks—unusual for a German city and often a source of surprise to visitors who primarily associate the city with its industrial reputation as the “cradle of the automobile”. Stuttgart has the status of Stadtkreis, a type of self-administrating urban county.

The city’s tourism slogan is “Stuttgart offers more”. Under current plans to improve transport links to the international infrastructure (as part of the Stuttgart 21 project), in March 2008 the city unveiled a new logo and slogan, describing itself as “Das neue Herz Europas” (“The new heart of Europe”). For business, it describes itself as “Standort Zukunft”, “Where business meets the future”). In 2007, the Bürgermeister marketed Stuttgart to foreign investors as “The creative power of Germany

Stuttgart is nicknamed the Schwabenmetropole (Swabian metropolis), because of the city’s location in the center of Swabia, and as a reference to the Swabian dialect spoken by its native inhabitants. In that dialect, the city’s name is pronounced Schtugert or Schtuagerd. However, many non-Swabian Germans have emigrated to Stuttgart for economic reasons and 40% of Stuttgart’s residents, and 64% of the population below the age of five are of foreign immigrant background.

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