Austin Texas music capital

Austin Texas music capital

This pin from Austin I got from Ron Eberhardt, formerly of TxDot. The pin celebrates Austin as a center of music—“The Live Music Capital of the World”—and for at least one type of music (one that gags me) I guess that is true. Austin is also the home of a huge bat colony, and I wouldn’t care to live with bats around either. And then, there is the University of Texas whose loyal fans are minions for the school and its athletic programs. It is a great academic school, and I think too bad it is known for people such as Daryl Royal and Mack Brown than who is in its physics department. And while I’m at it, the band uniforms may be traditional but they are even less appealing to me than the Aggie Band’s.

Austin has great libraries, museums, a state capitol building that is taller than the U.S. Capitol building. Its sandstone construction is representative of the geology of the surrounding geology.

My favorite place in Austin is the Bullock Texas State History Museum. And then there is the food.

Keep Austin Crazy? Yeah, I will go with that.

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