Florida Lottery pin

Florida Lottery pin

This pin was given to me by Ron Eberhardt now retired from TxDot. He acquired it at a professional meeting he attended.

The Florida Lottery is a government-run organization in the state of Florida, USA. With numerous on-line and scratch-off games available, players have a wide variety of prize levels to choose from. Since it began, the Florida Lottery has continued to add variety to its portfolio of games. The Lottery has experimented with higher price points, enhanced traditional games, and introduced seasonal promotional games. In 2012, Florida was the third-ranked state in yearly lottery revenue with $4.45 billion; revenue passed $5 billion in fiscal year 2013. Florida passed the legislation to enact the lottery in 1986 by a two to one ratio. The new lottery was spearheaded by Governor Bob Martinez and the Florida legislature with the mission of maximizing revenues for the enhancement of public education in Florida. The lottery was founded on the basis that it would provide the people of Florida the opportunity to benefit from additional revenues while providing the highest quality games available. The lottery’s first game, MILLIONAIRE was a $1 scratch-off that was immensely popular. Within 17 days, the scratch-off game had paid back the entire $15.5 million to the state’s general fund.

Lotteries are always sold to the public and legislatures as a way of enhancing public education. In fact, the money always goes into the states’ general funds. This may or may not increase education funding, but more than likely, not.

With the asserted goal of the Florida Lottery being to enhance public education in the state, the lottery claims to have become not only an education partner, but a distinguished business enterprise as well.

I am not sanguine about lotteries as a method of indirect taxation. It is so easy to sell and so hard to realize the purported uses for lottery funds. It is very clear that the burden of this sneaky taxation falls on those who can least afford it. To me, lotteries are nothing more than state legitimized numbers rackets so popular at the turn of the 20th century.

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