Alien Face tie tac from Roswell NM

Alien Face tie tac from Roswell NM

The web site Aliens—Everything You Want to Know—briefly describes the “alien bodies” supposedly found near Roswell, NM. This pin, from the Roswell Museum, depicts the face of one of these “aliens.”

The occupants were small, approximately three to four-feet tall, with four fingers and no thumbs on their hands. They had finely featured faces and did not resemble the big-eyed gray aliens depicted in stories and commercials on TV. Official autopsy reports are classified, and for all practical purposes, non-existent. However, several written statements are available describing the bodies and autopsies in detail, written by physicians a few years later in the early 1950s.

This raises a question for those who believe this event involved a weather balloon. Why are documents still classified regarding the activities at Roswell Army Air Base during the first week in July, 1947? National security for a weather balloon after fifty years?

Location: 16-F5