Russian Federation Border Guards

Border Guards Pin

Border Guards Pin

This pin I got in St. Petersburg May 18, 2015. In Russian it is (ПОГРАНИЧНЫЕ ВОЙСКА РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ) meaning Border Troops of the Russian Federation.

The Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian is a branch of Federal Security Service of Russia tasked with patrol of the Russian border.

The terms Border Service of Russia and Border Force of Russia are also common, while in English, the terms “Border Guards” and “Border Troops” are frequently used to designate this service. The Border service includes the Russian maritime border guard units (i.e., the coast guard).

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Federal Border Guard Service of Russia was created on December 30, 1993, and given a status of separate government agency. This organization retained some old traditions, most notably the dark green-colored uniform. First minister of FBS (Federal Border Service) was Andrei Nikolayev, young and outspoken general who later became deputy of the State Duma. Russian Border Guards were also stationed outside of Russia most notably in southern Tajikistan, in order to guard the border with Afghanistan, until summer 2005. On Afghan-Tajik border on many occasions they were engaged in heavy fighting with drug-traffickers and Islamic extremists. Armenia’s border with Turkey and Iran is also still guarded by the Russians. On March 11, 2003, Russian president Vladimir Putin changed the status of Border Guard Service from a separate agency into a branch of Russian Federal Security Service. The current head of Border Guard Service of Russia is General Vladimir Pronichev. Border Guard Service of Russia is still tasked with a defence of the longest national border in the world.

In April 2012 Vladimir Pronichev announced that the country was planning to build 20 frontier posts in the Arctic region. Reasons for this development can be found in the increased abilities to explore hydrocarbon deposits in the north. It will also give Russia an ability to patrol and service the Northern Sea Route.

In July 2014 Ukraine opened a criminal case against the head of the Border Guard Service Vladimir Kulishov; he was accused of financing “illegal military groups” in Eastern Ukraine who at the time fought against the Ukrainian army.

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