Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster (pewter) pin

Maine Lobster (pewter) pin

I’ve traveled to Maine a couple of times. I am doubtful of the year but I drove up the (two lane) Interstate 95 to Baxter State Park. I arrived in late afternoon and no campsites were available at the south end of the park. I had to drive on a very rough road to the north of the park to Chimney Pond. The Sun was almost directly in my eyes and my windshield was far from clean. I had to drive less than 35 mph so it took a horrendous time to get there. However the campsite was wonderful. The lake was so clean I fetched water directly from it.

Of course thinking of Maine one must remember lobster. This pewter pin from Maine reminds me always of the wonderful meals I have had there.

Driving south I also visited Acadia National Park. On the way I stopped at Boothbay Harbor (the site related to the sailor’s song by the same title) and made pictures of a moose grazing out in a salt marsh.

In Baxter State Park I climbed up the trail to Mount Katahdin (terminus of the Appalachian Trail).

Location: 22-A1