Estonian Coat of Arms

Pin showing Estonian flag colors and coat of arms

Pin showing Estonian flag colors and coat of arms

I got this pin on May 17, 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia. I studied Estonia in a way when I was in intelligence work. The Soviets had a ballistic missile base at Tallinn. The Soviets also had a submarine base 50 km west of Tallinn.

A missile hangar in the former Soviet base in Türisalu, about 25 25km west from Tallinn, between Naage and Keila Joa. This site is one of the bases where the Soviet Union had set up short and medium range missiles with nuclear warheads pointed at western Europe. This site also hosted SA-5 anti-aircraft missiles.



Soviet Missile hanger near Tallinn

Soviet Missile hangar near Tallinn

Very little is known about the missile hangar, which has been abandoned for years. The area is completely isolated.

The site might be demolished in the coming years as there is a proposal to establish a wind farm in the area to generate huge amounts of renewable energy.

Location: 15-D5