Denmark Coat of Arms

Denmark Coat of Arms

Danish Coat of Arms w Lions

I got this pin in Copenhagen, Denmark, May 14, 2015. Copenhagen tour was fascinating, mainly because I got to see the home of Niels Bohr. In fact the tour guide asked me to give a little info about Bohr.

I toured on the river (Copenhagen is on several islands) and saw a missile ship. The captain of one of these ships was relieved of command after a missile was accidentally launched and landed in Oslo, causing a lot of damage.

This pin is from the coat of arms of Denmark. The national coat of arms of Denmark consists of three pale blue lions passant wearing crowns, accompanied by nine red hearts, all in a golden shield. It is historically the coat of arms of the House of Estridsen, the dynasty which provided the Kings of Denmark between 1047 and 1412. The current design was introduced in 1819, under Frederick VI. Previously, there had been no distinction between the “national” and the “royal” coat of arms. Since 1819, there has been a more complex royal coat of arms of Denmark (kongevåben) separate from the national coat of arms (rigsvåben).

Oddly, this pin was made in Estonia (

Location: 15-E2