Wells Fargo

wells-fargoI’ve been banking with Wells Fargo for several years. On the whole it has been a positive experience. Wells Fargo and Company’s Express provided financial services by the fastest means available: overseas by sailing ship or steamer; and overland by stagecoach, Pony Express or railroad. Within a few years, business was transacted electronically by telegraph, which would later grow to include radio, telephone and the internet.

From the first day of business, Wells Fargo came through for pioneer miners, merchants and ranchers in the West. And in a very short time, the company opened offices in mining camps, towns and cities—there were more than 10,000 Wells Fargo offices by 1918.

The bank has been in the news recently (September, 2016) about setting up false accounts and running up charges. They are not alone. I hope it never happens to me.

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