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Costa Rica Macaw

macawThis pin is from the Hard Rock Cafe in Costa Rica is in San José. They advertise:

“At our cafe in San José, you’ll enjoy a classic Hard Rock experience with a little taste of Costa Rica. The capital of Costa Rica, San José is located in the middle of the Central Valley area, which is surrounded by lush, majestic mountains. You can see these beauties from any seat in our cafe, especially those near our 360-degree stage that “imitates” the surrounding area to offer a perfect view of the outside.

For even better views of the mountains around our cafe, venture outside to our two large terraces, which feature fire pits for cool, windy nights. We also have an exclusive VIP room that can be used for corporate meetings and social celebrations with up to 60 people.”

The macaw shown on this pin is holding a pair of drum sticks. A palm is in the back ground. The notation, “2nd 2015” denotes the second anniversary of the Hard Rock Café San José in 2015.

The macaw is the Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao). It can be seen in Carara National Park, Corcovado National Park, and Palo Verde National Park. It lives high in the trees of lowland deciduous or tropical evergreen forest that are solid or patchy.

This brilliantly colored, medium-sized macaw is the only macaw found on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and it rarely flies on the Caribbean side, where the Great Green Macaw lives. Macaws are the largest parrots in the Americas, and the Scarlet Macaw is distinct both in color and shape. This bird cannot be confused with any other in Costa Rica: its tail feathers are long and pointed, and its wings short for its large body. It has a large powerful bill for cracking tough seed coats and nuts. Bright red feathers cover the back, head, and lower tail feathers; bold blue spreads across the wings and lower back, with large strips of bold yellow above them. The conspicuous facial skin is pinkish white, and the bill ivory and black. Both sexes of these birds have adult plumage from a young age.

Location: 10-F3

Spain’s Coat of Arms

spain-coatI got this pin at the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona in January 2016. It shows the central part of Spain’s coat of arms. The full coat of arms is shown below the description that follows. The pillars and banner that go on each side of the coat of arms are not included on this pin.

The current coat of arms of Spain, although it has its roots centuries ago, was approved by law in 1981. The coat of arms appears in the flag of Spain.

The Spanish coat of arms symbolizes the country, the old kingdoms of Spain, the Royal Crown, the Imperial Crown, the Constitutional monarchy, the Spanish national motto: Plus Ultra, and the Pillars of Hercules with the Spanish geographic situation. The Monarch, the heir to the throne and some institutions like the Senate, the Council of State or the General Council of the Judiciary have their own arms.

The blazon of the Spanish coat of arms is follows:

Quarterly, first quarter Gules a triple-towered castle Or masoned Sable and ajoure Azure (for Castile); second quarter Argent a lion rampant Purpure crowned Or, langued and armed Gules (for León); third quarter Or, four pallets Gules (for the former Crown of Aragon), fourth quarter Gules a cross, saltire and orle of chains linked together Or, a centre point Vert (for Navarre); enté en point a pomegranate proper seeded Gules, supported, sculpted and leafed in two leaves Vert (for Granada); overall an escutcheon Azure bordure Gules, three fleurs-de-lys Or (for the regnant House of Bourbon-Anjou); for a Crest, a circlet Or, jewellespain-coat-of-armsd with eight breeches of bear or oyster plant leaves, five shown, with pearls on points Or inserted and above which rise arches decorated with pearls and surmounted by a monde Azure with its equator, its upper half-meridian and a latin cross Or, the crown capped Gules (the Spanish royal crown); for Supporters, two columns Argent with capital and base Or, standing on five waves Azure and Argent, surmounted dexter by an imperial crown and sinister the Spanish royal crown, the columns surrounded by a ribbon Gules charged with the Motto ‘Plus Ultra’ written Or (the Pillars of Hercules).

Location: 25-C1

Barcelona, Spain (2)

barcelona-spain-3Another pin from the Hard Rock Cafe in Barcelona. I am NO fan of rock music, but I love the atmosphere of Hard Rock Cafes around the world. My hotel was not far from the Plaça de Catalunya (Catalan language) meaning in English “Catalonia Square”; sometimes referred to as Plaza de Cataluña, its Spanish name. The Square is a large square in central Barcelona that is generally considered to be both its city center and the place where the old city and the 19th century-built city meet.

Some of the city’s most important streets and avenues meet at Plaça Catalunya. The plaza occupies an area of about 50,000 square meters. It is especially known for itsplaca-de-catalunya fountains and statues, its proximity to some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions, and for the flocks of pigeons that gather in the center. January weather was not bad and the tourist population seems to be very small compared to the favorite tourist months.

Location: 25-B1


San Antonio HRC, boots, spurs, and the hat

San Antonio HRC, boots, spurs, and the hat

You might think that San Antonio would be a cowboy town. After all, how many cowboy songs tell about “San Antone”? But the representative culture of which Texas can be very proud is Mexican American culture. San Antonio style Mexican food is a recognized cuisine style. The HRC is right on the River Walk. It is like any HRC a lot of fun to visit, and yummy yummy I love the pulled pork sandwich.

Location: 07-D5

Big Apply NYC HRC

Big Apply NYC HRC

The Big Apple is an adventure indeed. NYC is a fascinating place, spread out all over the place. My favorite memory? Going under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge on the QMII then passing and turning around a repassing the Statue of Liberty.

Location: 16-E1

San Juan HRC PR

San Juan HRC PR

The famous Hard Rock chain opened in San Juan some years ago and has been a resounding success. Still popular with tourists, families love the place for lunch or early dinners. Serving a “classic” American cuisine against a backdrop of loud rock music, this member of the American chain packs in the crowds for drinks, burgers and T-shirts. Check out the chain’s trademark rock n’roll memorabilia! Well-stuffed sandwiches and juicy burgers are served throughout the day, although many prefer to head here for dinner, filling up on fajitas and barbecued chicken.

Location: 09-D4

Washington DC HRC saxophones

Washington DC HRC saxophones

I’ve written about this HRC before. This pin is bland, and has (ugh!) saxophones on it. That makes it my least favorite DC pin.

Location: 16-D2

Cherry Blossom 1995

Cherry Blossom 1995

This is the earliest pin I have of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC (I have two more: Cherry Blossoms 1996, and Cherry Blossoms 1997). This pin has the Japanese and American flags on it as well.

Location: 16-D1

Nondescript HRC pin from Cozumel

Nondescript HRC pin from Cozumel

This is the plain version of the HRC pin for Cozumel. For more on Cozumel see the fancy pin Cozumel Hard Rock Cafe

Location: 10-A3

Cherry Blossoms in D.C. 1997

Cherry Blossoms in D.C. 1997

This pin is similar to the one for 1996 (See Cherry Blossoms 1996 for details.) It is truly a beautiful sight when the weather cooperates. I can remember snow during the blooming time, and rain, rain, rain. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Location: 16-C4