Sardinia Italy

sardinia-italyI got this flag in Sardinia, Italy in January 2016. The traditional flag of Sardegna (dated from the end of the 14th century) is the white one with the red cross and the four moors heads. As such it was used by ships sailing from island harbors when Sardinia was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. When in 1802 (and until 1814) the Kingdom was reduced to the island itself, the Savoias replaced the Savoia cross in the canton of the naval ensign of the kingdom with the Sardinia ensign.

The Four Moor’s Head

The Moors’ heads appeared originally in Aragonese and Catalan coats, and banners-of-arms in several places throughout their Mediterranean domains (Aragon, Corsica, Sardinia etc.). They intended to represent Moorish kings defeated and/or captured in combat (no actual persons and in no real number) and hence the Catalan and Aragonese participation in the Reconquest. In Medieval heraldry they were simply blazoned as “moors’ heads” (or more frequently “blackamoors’ heads” in English heraldry) and it was irrelevant where was the “tortil” (a headband , not a blindfold) placed or even whether it appeared at all.

Location: 25-B3