I Love Texas

Indeed, there is much to love about Texas. Robert Wilson gave me this pin.

There is much NOT to love as well. Texas can be a hateful state. Its history books distort history and report an ideological view. Texas government leaders have tried, and try earnestly to destroy the public school system, and replace it with what I consider to be madrassas, where everything is taught from an ultra-conservative, biased, biblical interpretative point of view. I did not say from a Bible point of view. To me, these folks (such as Tom Delay) want to teach ideology.

Not only that, Texas has been so gerrymandered that there is no hope of electing anyone but a Republican. Only in the general election does a Democrat have a possibility, and in 2016 that is probably not going to be realized.

Texas is a land of rivers, mountains, and a lot of very, very good people. It also has an almost Nazi group of people who want to control minds from a narrow ideological view.

Location: 9-B2